Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

Top Labels is a label supplier in El Paso Texas that manufactures and distributes labels for products of all kinds throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. We custom design and manufacture labels using different materials, colors, adhesives, and applications that can be custom made to meet your needs. Since 1997, we have provided businesses throughout the West, Midwest and Central part of United States with high-quality, custom labels, and we continue to do so today.

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Our Mission & Vision

We make it our mission to provide businesses with high-quality and custom designed labels for their products. For over 20 years, we have manufactured the best of the best in custom labels. Our vision is to continue providing custom labels to companies all throughout the United States and Mexico. We are ISO 9001 certified and we manufacture labels for the automotive, electrical, medical industry and everything in between.

About our Team

Our team is dedicated to helping you get the custom labels you need. We come together to make sure your labels are manufactured and delivered to you in a timely fashion. Our team is comprised of managers, assistants, accountants, press operators, quality inspectors and more. We specialize in the latest and greatest in label-making technology and can help you when you need industrial labels that can be applied to your machinery, equipment, and products.

What We Can Do

We manufacture labels that work for all kinds of products and equipment, from OSHA warning labels for construction machinery to automotive labels, barcodes, circuit boards, and tags.

Best Materials

We use only the best materials for our labels here at Top Labels, Inc. If you’re not sure what materials or adhesives would work best for your products or the industry you are in, we’ll conduct research in order to provide the best recommendation. That way, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting what works best for your business

If you’re in the market for high-quality labels, contact us today by filling out the form on our website or giving us a call. We look forward to designing industrial labels and helping your business prosper. Contact us today!