Vinyl labels are superior in durability, printability, and weather resistance, making them a great choice for various product labels. If you’re in need of high-quality labels, we’ve got you covered. At Top Labels, Inc., we specialize in manufacturing the best labels available for products. All of our labels are custom manufactured based on the specs that you send us. Our labels are manufactured well and designed to meet your unique needs. When you’re in need of high-quality, custom-made labels, we’re the place to contact!

What Is Vinyl?

Vinyl is made from PVC and can be used for outdoor marketing materials, laminate labels, and more. Vinyl comes in different colors, works well for numerous products, and is incredibly versatile. Vinyl, itself, is malleable, which makes it great for labels that will go on products that need to be squeezed, like shampoo bottles. As a material, vinyl is high-quality, durable, and overall, a great material to use for your label needs.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Vinyl comes with many benefits. Some of these benefits include its resistance to damages, tearing, and scuffs as well as its resistance to UV rays (which is ideal for labels that will be used in an outdoor setting), chemicals, moisture, and weather issues. Vinyl is flexible and has a high conformality level that allows the material to be used on numerous kinds of products.

What Can You Use Vinyl For?

Vinyl labels can be used in all kinds of industries, including commercial products, industrial work, and car decals. These labels are often placed on household products such as food and shampoo bottle labels, in construction for OSHA warning labels, and for barcodes. Vinyl is versatile and perfect for industries across the board. We’ve seen these labels be used for larger products, like trailer advertisements and bus labels to the smallest of products, including on health and beauty products, such as a tube of concealer or mascara. Because these labels can be far and wide, vinyl makes for a great label material.

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