Thermal transfer labels are the most commonly used labels for barcodes. At Top Labels Inc., we can manufacture custom designed barcodes and other labels to meet your needs. We understand that barcodes and other labels made from thermal transfer papers are essential to a successful business that relies on selling products to make income. Our custom designed barcodes and labels are perfect for ensuring your business will remain successful for years to come.

Thermal Transfer Paper and Methodology

When creating barcodes, we use thermal transfer paper. This paper allows things to be printed on it through a heating process, which moves the ink from the ribbon and to the paper. What’s great about this kind of printing paper is that the heating process allows images to come out clearer and crisper. These labels are high-quality and make for the perfect barcode for many products.

We understand that every single barcode manufactured by us needs to be unique. That is why we specialize in custom designed labels. We can custom manufacture barcodes and other labels based on specs you send us. In addition, we can also manufacture blank labels, so if you have your own thermal transfer printer but need this specific kind of paper or labels, we’ve also got you covered in that department.

Why Choose Top Labels, Inc. As Your Label Manufacturer?

We have been custom manufacturing labels for over 20 years. Our hardworking employees can help you with all of your label requirements. Our labels are perfect for products of all kinds. In addition to thermal transfer labels and barcodes, we can also custom manufacture labels made from all kinds of materials, including polypropylene, vinyl, polyimide, and polyester, and we can create them for different uses, including circuit boards, construction equipment, warning labels, and more. We use the best of the best when it comes to materials so you can rest assured knowing that your labels will last through extreme heat and wear and tear without melting, falling apart, or fading.

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Thermal Transfer Labels