Industrial labels are made from durable materials that can withstand high heat, resist chemicals and abrasions, and can be custom designed for a variety of products. Industrial labels are used in different industries and come in handy since they can survive in a variety of environments. Top Labels, Inc. manufactures high-quality, custom-made labels for businesses across different industries. We manufacture labels that are made to order and guaranteed to last. If you’re in the market for high-quality labels, our company is the place to call.

Types of Industrial Labels

We manufacture a variety of labels that can be used for industrial purposes. When you contact us, you can provide us with specs for what you need for your labels, including size, material, color, and adhesive. Some of the industrial materials we have available include:

  • Polyester- Polyester labels are great because they are durable, chemical resistant, can endure extreme temperatures, and won’t get damaged by moisture. Polyester labels are good for industrial machines, control panel overlays, automotive labels, electronic labels, construction equipment labels, and much more.
  • Vinyl- Labels made from vinyl are flexible, UV and scuff resistant, and weather resistant. Vinyl is typically used as a base or to laminate another type of label. It is made from PVC film and can be made in thicker quantities, which can be good for labels and signs that will be placed outside.
  • Polypropylene- Polypropylene labels are tough—they’re both waterproof and tear proof—and they won’t fade as easily as paper labels. They are best used for pharmaceuticals, hair care products, and cosmetics.
  • Polyimide- Labels made from polyimide are ideal for extreme conditions. They won’t melt, fade, or experience discoloration from hot temperatures. These make them ideal for electronics, warning labels on items that experience rather hot temperatures, automotives, and they are even used in the aerospace industry.

At Top Labels, Inc., we only use the best when it comes to materials. No matter the industry, we are sure to have something that can work for you based on the specs you give us. We will custom design them based on your needs and we even offer blank labels that you can use in your own personal thermal printer, since we know this is sometimes is a versatile route to take. Either way, we work with you to get the labels you need.

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Industrial Labels