Labels used for circuit boards or other electronic components are in high demand, and we’ve got the supply. At Top Labels, Inc., we manufacture high-quality labels for circuit boards and electronics. Our labels are custom made based on specs you provide us. That way, no matter the style, size, or colors you need, you get exactly what you order! We make high-quality and dependable labels. Regardless of the type of circuit board, electronic, or surface, our labels are designed to last. When you’re in need of labels, we’re the place to call.

The Best Labels for Circuit Boards and Electronics

The most commonly used labels for circuit boards or other electronics are Polyimide labels. Polyimide labels are made from durable, high temperature resistant, a material made from imide monomer that can withstand temperatures up to 538 degrees Celsius (which equates to roughly 1000 Fahrenheit. Polyimide is commonly used for electronics due the fact that it can withstand such high temperatures. Most people refer to Polyimide labels as Kapton labels because Kapton is the name of the Polyimide film that DuPont originally developed in the 1960s. Polyimide is so reliable when it comes to extreme temperatures (it can survive in way below freezing temperatures as well) that it is often used in airplanes and space shuttles. That being said, no matter the kind of electronics you need, Kapton/Polyimide labels from us will do the trick.

Why Choose Our Company?

Why choose us? Simply put, we get the job done quickly and efficiently! We custom-make all of our labels based on your needs and have been providing companies with labels that meet their business needs for many years now. We guarantee to do the same for you and your business. All of our labels are made based on specs you send us—including colors, sizes, number, types of adhesive, types of materials, and more—so you don’t have to worry about receiving labels that won’t work for your products.

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If you’re in the market for new labels that work for your products, we can help! Fill out the form on our website with your specs, including color, number of labels needed, size, etc., and we’ll contact you with a free estimate. We work quickly and efficiently to get you the labels you need in no time. We can also manufacture blank labels if you would like to print them on your own. Call us today to learn more!

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